Payroll and Pay-As-You-Go Solutions

The most advanced payment options in a single platform.

Xpress Capital through our subsidiary EPI Employer Pipeline, LLC provides our clients with the industry’s most advanced insurance premium payment option for workers compensation and general liability policies, integrated into a single payroll platform. Xpress Capital’s integrated payroll program is designed to offer a turnkey pay-as-you-go insurance premium payment option.  By generating real-time premium calculations with each payroll run, the policy holder avoids large down payments and receives a significantly reduced risk of audit exposure.

Simplicity – Integration – Service – Overall Value

This pay-go payroll service allows Xpress Capital clients to provide a highly valued payment solution which will increase policy sales, build renewal loyalty, and reduced audit expense; all from a full service payroll provider that doesn’t sell insurance!

Currently, Xpress Capital’s integrated pay-as-you-go solution is successfully partnering with Insurance Carriers, hundreds of small to mid size employers and thousands of independent insurance agencies across the country.


Payroll customers, on average stay with a payroll provider for 7.5 years. Take advantage of seamless policy renewals and offer Payroll Reporting as a value-added service in addition to your current insurance products.

Xpress Capital and EPI support automated insurance premium calculation, deduction and payment distribution associated with the following:

Monthly Payroll Reporting:

  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Pay-Go

We can support various insurance products including workers compensation and general liability. We can work with any carrier which supports any of the above programs and we deliver measurable results to all stakeholders including;

Carrier Benefits:

  • Sell more insurance
  • Ease of renewals
  • Integrate premium calculations with each payroll run
  • Reduce administrative audit costs
  • Reporting Data available for multiple reviews
  • Improved Customer Service

Agency Benefits:

  • Sell more insurance
  • Ease of renewals
  • Lower renewal administrative costs
  • No or low down payments
  • Compete against other payroll companies that are stealing your business
  • Offer a needed service as a value along with your insurance products

Insured Benefits:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Online payroll processing
  • Checks, Direct Deposit, Pay cards available
  • Online employee access
  • Discounted pricing
  • Worker’s comp premium payments