Xpress Capital Partners with Prestwick

Posted in: BPO, Payroll, Technology- Jul 13, 2012

Xpress Capital and Prestwick have partnered to deliver one of the insurance industries most comprehensive workers compensation pay-as-you-go solutions. Prestrwick through their TRUPAY platform will offer the technology to facilitate the automated workers compensation premium based on submitted payroll census data. Xpress Capital will provide the Insurance Carriers on the platform with administration services to assist the insured during the account set-up process and the ongoing payroll file support. The combination of services provides Insurance Carriers with a turn-key solution. “Carriers are adopting this pay plan option very quickly, they recognize that for this plan to be successful, the implementation, technology and ongoing support need to be best in class” Bob Poloskey, CEO Xpress Capital

National mono-line workers compensation Carrier integrates EPI pay-as-you-go program for all insured’s.

Posted in: BPO, Insurance Financing, Payroll, Technology- Sep 09, 2011

Xpress Capital acquires EPI Employer Pipeline, Inc.

Posted in: Payroll- Sep 09, 2011

Xpress Capital joins forces with over 2,000 Agencies in offering the industries first Agent friendly payroll service.

Posted in: Payroll- Sep 09, 2011

Xpress Capital partners with EPI Employer Pipeline, Inc. to integrate and manage a national payroll and insurance program.

Posted in: Payroll- Sep 09, 2011